This directory is a listing of guest blogger’s names and links to their individual websites or blogs.


Barbara Hegenstenberg  Barbara’s Website

Jillian Goldberg  Jillian’s Website

Lisa Bartell     Lisa’s Website

Clay Carmichael   Clay’s Blog

Nora Esthimer   Nora’s Publishing Site Lystra Books and Literary Services

Jane Filer    Jane’s Website

George Jenne    Video  — Spooky Understands and the Jenne website

Murry Handler     Murry’s Website

Shelly Hehenberger   Shelly’s Website

Armand Lenchek   Armand and Bluesology information

Renee Leverty  Renee’s Website

Pac McLaurin   Pac’s Photography blog

Jim Roberts   Jim’s Website

Mike Roig     Mike’s Website

Lynn Wartski    Lynn’s Website

Tom Whiteside    Tom’s Website

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