About TriArtSpark

A Space to Spark Interest in Triangle Arts

The purpose of this site is to spark interest in Triangle Arts. To highlight many interesting artists that one comes across as one ambles along the Chapel Hill to Durham corridor and beyond. And reach out to artists in smaller communities that are vibrant in the arts, including Carrboro, Hillsborough, Pittsboro and any other areas tangent to the Triangle.

The intention of this blog is to share ideas expressed by artists of different media. Read these articles to learn about their unique processes, gain insight into a particular genre, or gain a new  perspective on different types of art. The posts will address everything from the Visual Arts in the area, Musical Genres to be enjoyed, and new developments in local Literary Arts. Some artists featured here will be well-known, some are teachers, and some are emerging. Here we share just a few examples of their work; most artists have individual websites that showcase their work and are well represented in galleries or other venues.

If you would like to post an article as a guest blogger, just contact me by email —  Trudy Thomson . I am the blog’s host. Occasionally I will write a review but I hope this will be a spot for others to contribute to.

To read about my professional website and blog services, see my media website.

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