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Trudy Thomson Blog Host

Trudy Thomson Blog Host

The host of this site where various artists can be guest bloggers is run by Trudy Thomson of Chapel Hill. She is also an artist who has a home gallery. Feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of this page if you have questions or would like to get onboard as a guest blogger.

My background? I spent many years in the so-called real world in website design and video production. After many years working professionally in the corporate world, I have retreated and adapted my energies to crafts and arts created in a studio located in the parklike setting of my Chapel Hill property.  Check out my art website and you will see portions of the environment that provides some context for my work in both fiber and fused glass.

Also, if anyone should be interested in the development of another venue for their work, check out my Thomson media website that details the many different types of web work, video and marketing collateral that I can produce for artists as well as for other professionals. Contact me using this form with any questions or your interest in writing an article for this triartspark site!


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